The Croft Menu


Build your own Celtic fry up, served with AnneE’s Brew tomato relish:
– black pudding, sausage, 2 scrambled eggs
– bacon, haloumi, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, toast (sourdough, multigrain, white or gluten-free), fried bread, Irish brown bread
– fried egg, grilled tomato, hashbrown

Ploughman’s Lunch
Irish brown bread, vintage cheddar, camembert, pickled onion, AnneE’s Brew mango and port chutney
with Bruce Family Butchery salami

Celtic Grazing Plate
served cold: pork pie wedge, Scotch egg half, Welsh rarebit, snow peas, AnneE’s Brew blood orange and chilli marmalade

Hearty Chunky Vegetable Soup
served with toast (sourdough, multigrain, white or gluten-free) or Irish Brown Bread

House-made Cornish Pasty
with AnneE’s Bew raspberry, merlot and black pepper jam

Quiche or Frittata of the Day
ask us for today’s fillings

Side Salads:
– coleslaw
– potato salad
– garden salad with wholegrain citronette dressing

Ham, Cheese and/or Tomato Toastie (sourdough, multigrain, white or gluten free)

Chicken, Cheese and Avocado Toastie (sourdough, multigrain, white or gluten free)

2 slices with marmalade, jam, honey, vegemite, peanut butter or nutella

House-made Irish Brown Bread
1 slice with marmalade, jam or honey

Raisin Toast
2 slices with butter

Build your own Bowl:
– house-made Celtic granola
– house-made raw Crofter’s musli
– house-made Greek-style yoghurt
– warm frothed milk (full-cream, skim, soy, almond or lactose free)
– cold milk (full-cream, skim, soy, almond or lactose free)
– fresh seasonal fruit
– house-made coffee ice-cream
– house-made fresh mint ice-cream
– house-made vanilla ice-cream

House-made Scone
plain or gluten free sultana, served with butter, jam and/or cream

House-made Gluten-free Banana Bread
served with Butter

House-made Muffin or Cake- ask us about today’s selection

House-made Vanilla Cupcake

Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer

Tayto Cheese and Onion Chips


Hot Drinks with your choice of full cream or skim milk
Long Black
Flat White
Short Black
Madura Tea
English Breakfast Tea
Early Grey Tea
Peppermint Tea
Green Tea
Hot Chocolate
Chai Latte
oat, soy or almond milk available
vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel syrup available

Cold Drinks
Iced Coffee with ice-cream (please ask for sugar or sweetener)
Iced Chocolate with ice-cream
Milkshake – chocolate, caramel, strawberry, vanilla or malt
Spider (ice-cream soda) – your choice of sparkling drink
Wild Organic Juice:
– apple
– orange
– pineapple
– lean green
– banana, apple, mango
Wild Organic Sparkling Drink:
– cola
– ginger beer
– lemon breeze
– apple
Club Orange

Menu is subject to change Please ask us about our specials

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